SEO analysis, competition

Easy way to discover SEO competition is now easy. It has never been easier than to type in domain name or a topic, to uncover, how hard it is to beat first place on search engine. We show you simple score rating, so you can find your own niche very easily.

Own rating system

Our system takes many factors in mind - competition of keyword on SEO, number of occurencies of given keyword on websites on internet across the globe, and even things like location of web hosting and IP address. Moreover, we try to analyze cloud based web hosting to detect proper location of all websites, that try to fight for given keyword.

MA 34836x
TH 26128x
CO 23450x
RE 22413x
MO 21834x
PR 20215x
SE 20025x
CA 19291x
ST 19264x
SA 19187x
IN 18821x
PA 18329x
ME 17573x
TE 17555x
WE 17494x
VI 16614x
MI 16264x
TR 15911x
TO 15733x
PO 15643x
MY 15627x
LI 15521x
SO 15157x
NE 15129x
SH 15026x
AL 14428x
LA 14167x
BA 14153x
BE 13939x
CH 13559x
HO 12880x
SU 12468x
TA 12315x
SI 12091x
LE 11967x
RA 11840x
KA 11714x
HA 11631x
DI 11563x
SP 11375x
LO 11112x
NA 10945x
BI 10819x
FI 10471x
PE 10382x
GO 10261x
AN 10015x
BO 9991x
RO 9969x
FA 9785x
DO 9778x
FO 9735x
AR 9620x
GA 9348x
NO 9345x
WA 8573x
KI 8506x
PI 8193x
WI 8164x
BU 7948x
HE 7912x
GR 7897x
MU 7877x
CL 7756x
GE 7724x
KO 7708x
BL 7706x
ON 7658x
WO 7581x
SC 7444x
UN 7408x
TI 7366x
AD 7254x
CR 7100x
BR 7058x
AS 6819x
JO 6814x
EL 6802x
PL 6588x
VE 6532x
TU 6458x
NI 6362x
YO 6302x
AU 6263x
VA 6060x
JA 6041x
SM 5966x
CI 5752x
AM 5705x
FU 5703x
AP 5555x
KE 5401x
PH 5300x
HI 5260x
AC 5233x
RI 5220x
EN 5129x
XN 5114x
PU 5076x
DR 5050x
CE 4866x
ES 4850x
JU 4823x
EX 4799x
SK 4729x
QU 4686x
OP 4669x
FL 4430x
IM 4372x
LU 4282x
OR 4258x
VO 4257x
GI 4072x
WH 3970x
CU 3933x
GU 3929x
KU 3909x
YA 3879x
EM 3790x
FE 3754x
IT 3727x
IS 3648x
AB 3606x
SW 3565x
AT 3468x
GL 3409x
ED 3405x
EA 3328x
US 3288x
AI 3286x
ZA 3234x
JE 3221x
HU 3156x
AV 3107x
EC 3010x
AG 2869x
KR 2801x
EV 2786x
DU 2738x
IR 2644x
SL 2591x
IC 2584x
ZE 2564x
ER 2508x
ZO 2440x
SY 2424x
OL 2374x
AF 2339x
JI 2330x
ID 2225x
TV 2189x
IP 2158x
SN 2140x
EU 2137x
YE 2130x
OU 2109x
PS 2089x
UP 2069x
OS 2048x
OF 2038x
YU 2037x
IL 2030x
UR 2023x
TW 1962x
AK 1915x
MP 1892x
OM 1880x
KL 1857x
CS 1802x
XI 1789x
MC 1771x
ET 1734x
EP 1721x
ZI 1720x
KH 1690x
MS 1670x
OT 1670x
WW 1629x
OB 1623x
PC 1617x
OK 1576x
EB 1532x
UL 1525x
CY 1472x
10 1468x
HD 1457x
OC 1425x
SS 1425x
ZH 1403x
WP 1376x
KN 1364x
AA 1360x
CC 1338x
HY 1312x
IB 1301x
AZ 1290x
SV 1257x
UK 1209x
IA 1186x
OD 1171x
MM 1159x
MT 1154x
AE 1143x
IG 1140x
CP 1137x
EG 1128x
BB 1122x
YI 1105x
SB 1104x
UM 1101x
VS 1083x
SR 1056x
UT 1035x
NY 1033x
UC 1033x
SZ 1017x
NC 1012x
AH 1006x